Useful Knowledge About The Indian Hair Factory

Being one of the largest hair suppliers in the world, Indian hair factories nowadays are having many significant changes. Through this post today, you can learn many interesting things about the Indian hair factory.

Useful Knowledge About The Indian Hair Factory

1. Overview of an Indian hair factory

Every year, an Indian hair factory sells a large amount of hair. This is because the Indian hair factory has a plentiful supply of personnel and hair. Let us now look at some of their important concepts.

1.1. Where does the Indian hair factory collect the hair?

The raw ingredients used by the Indian hair factory come from within the country. Certain South Indian temples are the source of Indian women’s hair extensions. Indian ladies used to exchange their long hair for prayers. 

The Hindu temple managers collect this real Indian hair on a regular basis and sell it to distributors of Indian hair. Because the hair originates from a large number of women in one location, the quality differs as a result.

Where does the Indian hair factory collect the hair?

1.2. Main products from the Indian hair factory

As opposed to a Chinese hair factory or a Vietnamese hair factory, Indian hair factories don’t make as many goods. They mostly sell unprocessed hair products that fall into 3 categories: Raw hair from India includes virgin hair, remy hair, and non-remy hair.

  • Indian virgin hair:

It is the superior natural hair extension in terms of quality. Virgin hair is only cut from one donor at the Indian hair factory, and they don’t use chemicals on this hair kind. Indian hair manufacturers produce very strong, smooth, and healthy virgin hair as a consequence. It is always the best choice for any current hairstyle.

  • Indian non-remy hair:

The Indian hair factory offers the least priced raw hair since it is the easiest to acquire and create. To combine non-remy hair, a pool of hair contributors is employed. Its inferiority to virgin and remy hair is due to the fact that it does not come from a single direction. Another advantage is the affordable price of non-remy hair from an Indian hair producer.

Main products from the Indian hair factory
  • Indian remy hair:

It is among the most desirable types of hair because of its accessibility and great quality. Remy hair from an Indian hair factory costs less than virgin hair but has virtually the same quality. The raw Indian remy hair is supplied by three to four hair contributors with the same hair grade. Remy hair only develops in one direction and is incredibly smooth.

2. Benefits and drawbacks when buying hair from the Indian hair factory

Both advantages and disadvantages might be associated with buying hair from Indian hair suppliers. We’ll go through the benefits and drawbacks of buying hair from an Indian hair factory if you decide to do so.

2.1. Benefits when buying hair from the Indian hair factory

When talking about the Indian hair factory or wholesale hair wholesalers in India, we can immediately take into account their pricing. The price of hairpieces in Indian hair manufacturers is one positive development that many hair dealers should be aware of.

Benefits when buying hair from the Indian hair factory
  • India has very affordable factory prices for hair retailers supplying hair extensions. Additionally, India’s cheap labor allows hair producers to sell hair extensions at a lesser price than those made in other countries. Therefore, if you would like to conserve as much money as you can, your company’s hair distributors could choose hair producers in India.
  • For those who want a variety of models, Indian hair producers provide hair extensions. Sincerely, curly hair, human hair kinky twist, and other hair varieties may all be styled with hair extensions. Hair extensions may be restyled by Indian hair factories into different looks that improve your appearance.

2.2. Drawbacks when buying hair from the Indian hair factory

But there are a few problems with the Indian hair factory that we need to be aware of. The following disadvantages must be considered if you choose to install hair manufacturers in India and make large purchases there.

  • India’s naturally curly hairstyle prevents hair producers from creating exceptionally high-quality hair extensions. The Indian hair factory must take various steps to retouch their virgin hair, like imaging and treating it, and straightening it, despite the fact that there are numerous distinct associated with hair extension models. Thus, the numerous procedures utilized in hair extensions deteriorate the already delicate hair.
Drawbacks when buying hair from the Indian hair factory
  • Because the market for Indian hair pieces is increasing, many people imitate Indian hair manufacturers in an attempt to defraud consumers who have never purchased hair extensions from such manufacturers before. Wholesale hair dealers must exercise caution while purchasing Indian hair extensions. Learn how to avoid fraudsters while buying wholesale hair items in India.
  • Furthermore, as India’s political situation deteriorates, the export of hair from the Indian hair factory to other nations may suffer. Furthermore, Indian hair producers must wait an extended period of time for their goods to be sent to hair sellers in other nations. When there are any customs issues, the goods are frequently returned to the Indian producers, depriving the customers of them.

3. Indian hair factory: Recommend the top 3 Indian hair factories

People who don’t know which manufacturers are reliable may find it tough to choose an Indian hair factory to grow their company. Depending on their dependability and the caliber of the items they make, we will assist you in ranking the best 2 hair factories in India.

3.1. 1 Hair Stop – top 1 Indian hair factory

One of India’s largest hair producers, 1 Hair Stop distributes a sizable quantity of hair each and every year. This is the best choice if you’re seeking reliable hair producers in India.

3.1. 1 Hair Stop – top 1 Indian hair factory
  • 1 Hair Stop seems to have more than 10 years of experience in the hair extension sector and has multiple hair factories in India. Their main product is clip-in wigs, which are manufactured of 100% human remy hair and are available in a range of styles.
  • These two continents represent the main markets for these Indian hair manufacturers. This hairstyle they provide is entirely made up of clip-in hair pieces for those who want to swiftly change how they look.

3.2. Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions – top 2 Indian hair factory

Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions, one of India’s largest hair factories, offers a variety of hair extensions. Individuals who desire to offer diverse hair kinds in their business would find it simple.

High-tech stitching processes are used at this facility to create firmly connected, robust, and long-lasting real hair extensions. As a result, they pay higher prices than other Indian hair factories.

The wearer may shape, color, and dry the 100% human hair Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions. They also employ standard-sized weaves that are free of pollen, parasites, and other unpleasant materials.

Hopefully, all information is useful for you in selecting whether to buy hair from the Indian hair factory or not. To see more information about Indian hair factories as well as other factories in the world, please visit our website at Hair24hours.

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