Quick and easy tape in extensions hairstyles

 Quick and easy tape in extensions hairstyles

In this post, we will present to you the definition of tape in hair extensions, the benefits that tape in hair extensions brought to us and finally the quick and easy tape in extensions hairstyles that you definitely need to know.

I. What to know before digging into tape in extensions hairstyles 

Before discovering the best tape in extensions hairstyles to do by yourself, let’s take a look at tape in hair extensions overview to understand tape in hair extensions better.

Tape in hair extensions

1.1. What is tape in hair extensions

Tape in hair extensions is hair that is connected to your original hair roots by sticky tabs. These tabs are safe and medically proven. The tabs use a special hair extensions glue to attach to your hair. 

Apply tape in hair extensions

Tape in hair extensions is one of the most used types of hair extensions, especially in Nigeria, South Africa, and Europe. 

People prefer tape in hair extensions more than other application hair extensions kinds. Let’s find out the reason why many people use tape in hair extensions.

1.2. Benefit of using tape in hair extensions

Tape in hair extensions has many outstanding features that attract many hair extensions lovers.

  • They are easy to apply: Tape in hair extensions are easier to apply compared to clip in hair extensions. Simply stick the tabs into the hair section that you want to apply hair extensions.
Tape in extensions result
  • They are more comfortable to wear: Wearing tape in hair extensions is like wearing nothing as the tabs are very gentle to your hair, and also light and thin; you almost can’t tell the difference.
  • They are safe and cause no damage to your hair: As the tapes are soft and gentle, they are completely safe to the hair. 
  • They attach very well: The tabs are gentle, but they also strongly attach to your hair, you can feel free to work, play, exercise without worrying it might fall off. 

Those are the ultimate reasons why many people like to use tape in hair extensions more than others. 

1.3. What to do prepare before trying different tape in extensions hairstyles

There are a few things that you need to prepare before trying out your favorite tape in extensions hairstyles.

1.3.1. Tools to prepare before trying tape in extensions hairstyles

In order to style your hair extensions, these tools are inseparable. 

  • Curling iron: This is a very helpful device to style your hair extensions for a luxury look; using this if you want your hair to become wavy and curly.
  • Sectioning clips: The section clips help keep the unused hair to style the rest easier. Using this to keep the hair from falling down, and works with the part of hair that you want to style.
  • Combs and brushes: The styling will be difficult if you don’t have these tools. In the process of styling the hair, tangles can appear, so you need to remove it before continuing the process. 
  • Hair straighteners: Using this when you want to straighten the hair.
  • Natural hair sprays: Using this to provide your hair with freshness and moisture. 
  • A mirror: You need a mirror to check every step of the way.

With these tools, you are now ready for the next step.

1.3.2. What to do before trying tape in extensions hairstyles

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind in order to come out with the best results:

  • Make sure the hair extensions and your own hair is clean: Wash everything before styling is important, remember to use all natural ingredients hair products to wash the hair.
What to do before trying tape in extensions hairstyles
  • Brushing the hair: Remove any tangles and hair balls in your hair extensions as well as your original hair.
  • Applying the hair extensions the right way: This is very important, misplace hair extensions can not be styled. Check out our detailed tutorial on how to apply tape in hair extensions for the best result. 

Once you’ve done all these steps, it is time for tape in extensions hairstyles attempt.

II. Quick and easy tape in extensions hairstyles to do yourself

Besides changing the hair colors, there are other hairstyles that you can try. These hairstyles are easy to do by yourself at home for a fresh look every day.

High ponytail tape in extensions hairstyles

This basic look is suitable for any occasion, whether you are heading to school, work, or an outside event. This look represents a social, dynamic person who is ready to conquer people’s hearts. 

Tape in extensions hairstyles – Pony tail

Here is how you can do this tape in extensions hairstyles:

1. Carefully grab all of the hair up into a ponytail, low or high depends on the way you apply your tape in hair extensions. Try to put it up to the height where all the tapes are sitting flat against your head. 

2. Remove any hair bumps or tangles by gently brushing your hair

3. Secure the ponytail with a big clip or a tie.

And voila, it is so easy to follow and now you look stunning!

2.2. Half up half down tape in extensions hairstyles

This hairstyle will make you look like a really pretty princess. Let’s begin.

Tape in extensions hairstyles – Haft up haft down

1. Section the hair part above your eyebrows, where the tapes are invisible. 

2. Roll that hair part into a top-knot and secure with a clip or a tie.

That can’t be easier to do. With this tape in extensions hairstyles, you will attract a lot of sights; because you look beautiful of course.

2.3. Fishtail braid tape in extensions hairstyles

Another cool tape in extensions hairstyles to try by yourself. It is most fit when you are going to school or a dynamic outside event, or camping. Here’s how it is done:

Tape in extensions hairstyles – Fish braid

1. Tie your hair into a low ponytail, then secure the ponytail with a small section of hair.

2. Follow the fishtail braid technique: Split the ponytail into two even sections, crisscrossing the two sections into the middle of the ponytail by sequence. 

3. You can use your finger to lose the space between them to increase more volume. 

And now you are ready to meet anyone feeling confident and looking as beautiful as usual.

2.4. Braided up to tape in extensions hairstyles

This style suits events like weddings, proms, or a big ceremony where everybody dresses elegantly and luxuriously. 

Tape in extensions hairstyles – Braid up to bun

1. Again, grab your hair and tie it into a low ponytail

2. Create a 3 strand braid with an elastic tie, then roll it up, and twist it to form the bun.

3. Secure with a bun or bobby.

This hairstyle suits with elegant dresses, or a suit. And only takes minutes to complete. 

Other than these hairstyles, you can use the curling iron or hair straightener to create other tape in extension hairstyles you want. 

We hope that our post helps you create new tape in extensions hairstyles that suit you. Let us know how you do your tape in extensions hairstyles below. 

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