Reveal The Truth About The Burmese Hair Factory

Do you recognize a reputable manufacturer producing Burmese hair? We will provide all the information about the Burmese hair factory as well as the top 2 most reliable Burmese hair factories for you in this article.

Reveal The Truth About The Burmese Hair Factory

1. Overview of the Burmese hair factory

If in the last post, we gave you the information about the Cambodian hair factory, today is the Burmese hair factory. Burma continues to be considered the “black horse” of the global hair industry. Hair has continually generated income for locals and businesspersons in Myanmar despite being a relatively young industry there.

According to data from UN Comtrade, Myanmar was #3 in the world for selling Burmese hair in 2016. Myanmar’s corporation was only valued slightly more than $5 million from the $87.4 million in profit international valuation.

2019 saw an increase in the value of the Burmese hair trade, reaching $9.94 million, or 8.89% of the $112 million total value. This places Myanmar only behind Hong Kong ($43.5 million) and India ($19.4 million). The output of goods at a Burmese hair factory has increased 100 times over the last ten years, and UN COMTRADE, which was stated in TREND ECONOMY REPORT FEB 10, 2019, predicts that it will continue to rise. For instance, its entire worth rises from $5460 in 2010 to $201,695 over the course of the next ten years.

However, an unregulated coronavirus pandemic in the country has slowed the flow of goods since the conclusion of 2019 till now. According to the most recent data from World’s Top Export, however, Myanmar continued to hold the third-place position with hair exports estimated at $9.5 million, or 12% of the total worldwide sales expected to reach $78.8 million in 2020.

Overview of the Burmese hair factory

The biggest buyer of Burmese hair is China. A large portion of this hair is sent to the China hair factory, where it is processed and sold to hairdressers in the West. In addition, a lot of the hair exported from Burma is transported for packing to Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, or India.

2. Hair products from the Burmese hair factory

Now, take a look at hair products from the Burmese hair factory

2.1. Where does the Burmese hair factory collect the hair?

Direct contributions from Burmese individuals and Chinese hair manufacturers are the two primary sources of hair for the Burmese hair factory.

  • According to hair producers in that nation, Buddhists would cut their hair in the new year to ward off terrible fortune and welcome the new year. They will then offer a prayer for the future year’s prosperity. This is the best hair site, even if there won’t be enough of it because not all Burmese women give their hair in this manner.
  • Due to the limited availability of hair, Chinese hair companies must import their products to Burma. Numerous hair suppliers across the world, including the Burmese hair factory, buy hair from China since this country has a long history of mass-producing hair.
Where does the Burmese hair factory collect the hair?

Naturally, hair from factories in Burma is better than hair generally from manufacturers in China. Due to the hair’s superior quality, which makes it smoother and more robust, it will be directly taken from Burmese volunteers.

2.2. Main characteristics of hair from Burmese hair factory

Hair from the Burmese hair factory has some features below:

  • Indian and Chinese hair types are combined to create Burmese hair. The hair from the Burmese hair factory is extraordinarily strong and healthy compared to other hair pieces, and it heats up very well. The virgin hair has a small curl at the tips and is normally straight. Between jet black and dark brown, the hair is darker in color.
  • Fast volume is produced by this hair because of its sturdy strands. In actuality, it will give you the ideal, natural bounce you need. It has the right weight that gives you a natural feeling, even though it delivers the ideal volume and isn’t very heavy.
  • The hair from the Burmese hair factory resembles a hybrid of Chinese and Indian hair in terms of texture. It blends well with your real curls thanks to its naturally gritty texture and low to medium gloss. Burmese hair is exceptionally thick and silky, making it a fantastic replacement for African-American hair or other hair types that are similar. Burmese hair naturally has a broad variety of curl and wave forms.
Main characteristics of hair from Burmese hair factory
  • Due to the polarity in the origin, there are many different quality categories for the hair from the Burmese hair factory. The pilgrims’ donated hair is unquestionably the highest quality Burmese hair extensions available.

3. The trustworthy Burmese hair factory: Top 2 Burmese hair factories to buy

Are you looking for a reliable Burmese hair factory but are having problems doing so? In this piece, we’ll provide you critiques of the top 2 Burmese hair factories based on our own judgments.

  • Efficient Hair Company – Top 1 Burmese hair factory

In Magwe, in the Natmauk area of Myanmar, there is a business named Efficient Hair Company. In Myanmar, they gathered hair from donors and young, healthy females, recycled it, and afterwards sold it to the next client. This business exclusively sells Burmese hair that has been skillfully produced under strict quality control. They primarily export hair extension wefts in a variety of sizes between 6 inches and 32 inches, with Remy hair being the most popular type.

Efficient Hair Company – Top 1 Burmese hair fact
  • TET NAY LIN CO LTD – Top 2 Burmese hair factory

TET NAY LIN CO LTD has been working in the hair industry for more than ten years and has developed a reputation for providing exceptional customer service. They have never compromised on the goods or services they provide to customers. This company is committed to making clients happy by offering them Burmese hair at reasonable costs. Furthermore, they offer a top-notch crew that could provide you their top recommendations while staying in contact with your company and keeping you informed about industry developments. They provide Burmese hair in a variety of hues and patterns at extremely affordable prices for resellers and dealers.

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