Raw Vietnamese hair wholesale: Some issues need to understand

Raw Vietnamese hair wholesale is valued not only for its softness but also can be dyed to a variety of hues. The hair is primarily derived from real and healthy hair in Vietnam. Let’s take a look at Vietnamese raw hair wholesale and see what we can find out.

The concept and features of raw Vietnamese hair wholesale

In this first part, we will learn about the concept, some outstanding features, and the price of raw Vietnamese hair wholesale.

Vietnamese hair

The concept of raw Vietnamese hair wholesale

Raw Vietnamese hair wholesale is achieved directly from donors and is 100 percent virgin Vietnamese hair. Donor’s hair must be virgin, smooth, and free of curves and hues. The originality of the hair has since enabled wholesalers to create other quality products and attract many customers all over the world as well as generate huge profits from selling raw Vietnamese hair wholesale.

The features of raw Vietnamese hair wholesale

Raw Vietnamese hair wholesale has some of the following characteristics that we need to know so that when buying, we can choose the best quality products.
Because of the absence of sun exposure, the mass of raw Vietnamese hair wholesale comes from people who live in the mountainous regions (cold weather locales), leading to hair that is highly strong and smooth. Moreover, the contributor’s hair must be fully pure. As a result, raw Vietnamese hair is rare and expensive.
Since raw Vietnamese hair wholesale has not been exposed to harsh chemicals or techniques, all of the cuticle parts are intact and move in the same direction, giving it the most natural appearance. As a result, based on the user’s care, the time spent using raw Vietnamese hair could last several hours longer.

With those outstanding characteristics, Vietnamese hair extensions reviews are mostly good.

Wholesale Vietnamese hair

Compare the raw Vietnamese hair wholesale with other countries

We will have a comparison table of origin, quality, and price of raw Vietnamese hair wholesale with hair sourced from China and India.
As you’ve seen, the cost of raw Vietnamese hair wholesale is higher than the hair sourced from China or India. Due to the lack of sun exposure, the majority of raw Vietnamese hair is obtained from women located in high regions. As a result, the hair is relatively stunning and smooth. Finally, the hair is healthy and unblemished, showing that the hair donor is in good shape.
If you really wish to advertise the greatest quality of raw Vietnamese hair wholesale, develop your own hair brand and attract more customers to believe in your hair company, Vietnamese hair suppliers are the best solution for you. Because Vietnam has hair resources, the Vietnam marketplace will strive to provide the best selling prices of raw Vietnamese hair to you and your buyers. In addition, Vietnam’s political stability outperforms that of other countries like Indo, Cambodia, and… As a result, goods imported from Vietnamese hair distributors are risk-free.
Many businesses in Vietnam offer raw Vietnamese hair wholesale nowadays, but I’d like to recommend some of those that supply this type of hair and have a lot of positive feedback, with almost all of the customers returning to buy their raw Vietnamese hair product again. So where to buy Vietnamese hair extensions? Trustworthy vendors will be mentioned in the next part.

Top 3 best vendors in Vietnam for raw Vietnamese hair wholesale

The three leading hair vendors in Vietnam who meet all of the needs and supply the high-quality raw Vietnamese hair wholesale, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s five standards for a legitimate Vietnamese hair manufacturer, are listed below.

5S Hair Factory – the leading hair supplier in Vietnam

Among all Vietnamese hair merchants in Vietnam, 5S Hair Factory is the best.
5S Hair Factory provides 100% raw Vietnamese hair wholesale, straight hair, curly wavy hair extension with various styles, lace closure frontal, and authentic lace wigs to wholesale hair distributors all over the world.
5S Hair Factory is a relative newbie on social networks when compared to other raw Vietnamese hair wholesale sellers, having established in 1989. Because they were a direct manufacturer of raw Vietnamese hair wholesale (rather than a commercial), they did not become viral on social media; instead, they sold wholesale big amounts to valued followers or buyers who encountered Vietnam and bought directly from their facilities. They intended to pursue social media marketing because of the covid-19 effect so that customers from all over the world could buy hair from this raw Vietnamese hair wholesale vendor.

5S Hair

K-hair Factory – the reputable vendor for raw Vietnamese hair wholesale

K-hair Factory is a significant Vietnamese hair supplier that accepts bulk orders from all dealers worldwide.
Africa, the Americas, and Asia are the primary markets for K-hair Vietnamese hair sellers. On social media, this Vietnamese hairstylist is well-known. K-hair is considered as a “faithful supplier” of foreign clients among all raw Vietnamese hair wholesale vendors.
In addition, K-Hair is the only Vietnamese hair vendor that provides NAIRA rate services to its clients. Rate 472 will be applied to wholesale purchases of 5kg or more (the greatest insane deal in recent memory).


Queen Hair – the trustworthy raw Vietnamese hair wholesale supplier

Even though they have only been in the hair business for a few years, Queen Hair is steadily strengthening its position among the top raw Vietnamese hair wholesale suppliers.
Queen Hair provides its consumers with the highest quality raw Vietnamese hair wholesale products at the most reasonable prices. Their customer support also receives a lot of praise. Clients at this Vietnamese hair vendor can choose from a variety of hairstyles and hues.
Queen Hair is deserving of a spot among the top three Vietnamese hair suppliers, based on positive comments from wholesalers in Nigeria, the US, the UK, and other countries.

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In short, the above is very detailed and specific information for raw Vietnamese hair wholesale and the top 3 raw Vietnamese hair vendors. Currently, there are many fake places to trade raw Vietnamese hair wholesale with poor quality but with very clever scams. You should research carefully about raw Vietnamese hair suppliers and the above article is also a reliable address to help you get the most knowledge about Vietnamese hair vendors. Read more posts on Top Hair & Beauty Website – hair24hours.

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