Mic Hair Vendor Review: A Reliable Place To Buy Hair Or Not?

The hair industry is booming with many suppliers. Just in Vietnam, there are a variety of hair providers such as K – Hair Vietnam, 5S Hair, QueenHair,… Beacause of that, we have made a list of reviews of these hair suppliers. If the previous post was about Jen Hai vendor review, in this post we can understand deeply about Mic Hair through the article “Mic Hair vendor review”.

Mic Hair Vendor Review: A Reliable Place To Buy Hair Or Not?

1. Mic Hair vendor review: Overview of Mic Hair

Besides Jen Hair vendor review, you can consider Mic Hair. Let’s learn more about the Mic Hair Vendor.

  • A short description of Mic Hair

One of Vietnam’s top suppliers of logos is MICVIET Investment Company Limited, also known as Mic Hair. Since selling and exporting 100% natural raw, virgin hair for ten years, they have established a presence in international markets. The hair is obtained from Vietnamese women’s silky, golden, and velvety tresses.

  • Mic Hair’s warehouse and the primary market it exports

The headquarters of Mic Hair is located in Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital, where consumers may also visit the warehouse to view all the hair samples. Mic Hair has sold its products in various nations, including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia,…

2. Mic Hair vendor review: Hair of Mic Hair

Both the hair’s origin and the perspective will satisfy you.

Mic Hair vendor review: Hair of Mic Hair

2.1. Mic Hair vendor review: Where does the hair of Mic Hair come from? 

The product from Mic Hair is manufactured entirely of Vietnamese human hair, according to seller reviews. The hair is silky, velvety, and genuine. There are no knots in this hair. There aren’t any insects or vermin, and there is no shedding. We have access to them, so you may choose whatever type of hair you like. It is unquestionably made entirely of human hair, much like our own.

You can find many types of hair extensions at Mic Hair, including wavy hair extensions, hair extensions ponytail, kinky curly, deep curly,… 

2.2. Mic Hair vendor review: The quality and longevity of hair from Mic Hair

Because hair is of high quality, it lasts a very long time; on average, it lasts between three and five years. This is quite a large number when compared to the typical hair life expectancy. Washing and blow-drying your hair every day is all that’s required to maintain the durability of your hair. Wash it and use caution not to entangle it as you wear it out. Your hair will last longer and be extremely easy to manage. If you have extensions with naturally curly hair, pay attention.

2.2. Mic Hair vendor review: The quality and longevity of hair from Mic Hair

2.3. Mic Hair vendor review: The price of hair extensions from Mic Hair

Besides hair quality, the cost of a product is the first consideration for purchasers. Compared to other hair types, Vietnamese hair products are reasonable yet of outstanding quality. 18 inches of natural double-drawn wavy hair costs about $34.2 per kilogram.

Vietnamese hair may be thought of as having among the most affordable costs in the market for selling hair because of its reasonable cost. Mic Hair foresaw this and started selling hair at factory prices both offline and online.

3. Mic Hair vendor review: Service of Mic Hair

The final step before deciding which vendor to use is shipping and payment.

  • Shipping of Mic Hair

The following delivery options are available to you: UPS, DHL, FedEx, or EMS. 7 to 14 days after we get your money, you can expect to get your order. As contrasted to shipping costs from other countries, shipment is quick, and the shipping rate is rather inexpensive.

Shipping of Mic Hair
  • Payment for Mic Hair

Once the price has been agreed upon, you have the option of paying for your order via Western Union, Money Gram, transfer (T/T), or PayPal; however, using PayPal will result in an additional +4% being added to the total cost of your transaction. As long as the money has been accepted, Mic Hair will let you know.

4. Mic Hair vendor review: How do I buy hair from Mic Hair?

Order accepted at the supplier; hair obtained from the factory; packed at the supplier. Method of payment: Select a product – Submit a request – Verify via email, Viber, or Skype – Get paid – Ship. Typically, items are shipped out within 3-5 days after receiving money

Cost of shipping: The cost of sending your hair will depend on how much you buy. The percentage of big orders to shipping expenses will be determined. Mic Hair further provides seasonal discounts (Christmas, New Year’s, Mid-Year, etc.).

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