Jen Hair Vendor Review: All Things You Need To Know

We discover that there are many types of hair from various parts of the world when we conduct studies on hair. It might be difficult to choose the proper hair kind, therefore I’d like to introduce you to Jen Hair, a Vietnamese hair seller, and Jen Hair vendor review.

1. Jen Hair vendor review: Overview of Jen Hair

Apart from Ted Hair vendor, which we introduced to you in the post “Ted Hair vendor review”, you can consider Jen Hair. First and foremost, we want to help you understand the profile of Jen Hair.

1.1. Jen Hair vendor review: A short description of Jen Hair

In 2007, Jen Hair Vietnam began as a hair purchase and processing business in Ninh Binh, Vietnam.

  • 2007-2012: The main activity was to buy hair from retail customers, sell it at salons, detangle it, and then supply it to domestic hair manufacturing companies.
  • 2012-2017: Despite the fact that Jen Hair hasn’t officially established a company, several partners from across the world have approached us as a potential and reputable source of staff. 

Recognizing the growing hair market, Jen Vietnam was officially founded in 2017. As a start-up company, it has since purchased more contemporary machinery and technological lines from the leading hair businesses throughout the world, including China and Taiwan. At the same time, Jenhiar Vietnam was also presented.

Jen Hair vendor review: A short description of Jen Hair

1.2. Jen Hair vendor review: Jen Hair’s warehouse and the primary market it exports

Currently, Jen Hair Vietnam’s headquarters are located at Lk9-19 Аn Hung Urbаn, Duong Noi, Hа Dong District, Hаnoi City, Vietnаm.

  • Jen Hair Company No. 2’s office is located on the 29th Floor, Usilk Building 103, Lá Khe, Hà Dong, Hanoi. Not only does Jen Hair Vietnam Company provide a lovely, elegant, honest, and seamless work atmosphere. Three factories totaling hundreds of square meters will also be operational in Ninh Binh soon. Millions of tons of finished hair are anticipated to be produced annually for the global hair business.
  • Seven warehouses in various locations are also owned by Jen’s Vietnam Company. Each year, hundreds of people find work.

Jen Hair has so far worked with a number of international partners. One of the most well-established hair care companies in Vietnam right now is Jen Hair. With a wide range of significant partners throughout the globe, such as Nigeria, France, the US, Russia, Spain, and Portugal,… We ship the Jen hair Vietnam hair brand over the world every day and every hour. The top wholesale hair supplier in Vietnam right now is Jen Hair Vietnam. 

2. Jen Hair vendor review: Hair of Jen Hair

Now let’s examine the hair of Jen Hair

Jen Hair vendor review: Hair of Jen Hair

2.1. Jen Hair vendor review: Where does the hair of Jen Hair come from?

Jen Hair only chooses hair from one supplier. The majority of our hair originates from Highland women, where it is traditional for women to have long hair. Why Jen Hair must travel to the Highlands in order to purchase hair, as opposed to the city, may be a common question. because highlanders typically have very long, silky hair. They don’t put chemicals on their hair because they live in nature. The majority of them would use herbal leaves to wash their hair in order to make it shiny and strong. The hiring will be of the highest caliber as a consequence. 

Additionally, Jen Hair purchases hair from both adults and babies. Vietnamese children’s hair is incredibly glossy, strong, and smooth.

Wigs, hair bulks, and hair extensions are all sold by Jen Hair. There are many different styles of hair extensions. Examples include hair extensions ponytail, frontals, tip-in hair extensions, and hair extension wefts.

2.2. Jen Hair vendor review: The quality and longevity of hair from Jen Hair

Additionally, the hair lasts a very long time. Vietnamese hair is thin and easy to maintain. They are significantly more durable than hair acquired from other countries and feature the natural movement and thickness of genuine Vietnamese hair extensions.

Jen Hair vendor review: The quality and longevity of hair from Jen Hair

Your hair can last up to one year or more if you take good care of it. Vietnamese hair may easily be curled or waved because it is often straight. Your hair can last up to a year or longer if you take good care of it. Nevertheless, many hair extensions are susceptible to matting and sticking with time, but real hair tends to keep its luster and beautiful nature, keeping it tangle-free.

3. Jen Hair vendor review: Service from Jen Hair

Learn more about the payment and delivery.

  • Shipping of Jen Hair

All significant international carriers, including DHL, UPS, Federal Express, and others, are presently connected to Jen Hair. If you don’t pick a freight forwarder, Jen Hair will choose the most suitable one for you depending on our past performance and customer information. Please be aware that incorrect or partial addresses or unconfirmed information may cause a processing delay of 1-2 business days. Jen Hair thus strongly advises all customers to carefully examine their shipping and invoice information before submitting it in order to prevent any potential delays.

  • Payment for Jen Hair

The three main credit cards—Visa, MasterCard, and American Express—as well as bank transfers, Western Union, and Money Gram, are now all authorized.

Payment for Jen Hair

4. Jen Hair vendor review: How do I buy Hair from Jen Hair?

Step 1: Have a conversation about importing hair from Vietnam with Jen Hair’s management. To avoid spam, look at their website and feedback.

Step 2: List the different sorts of employees you want so the manufacturer can generate invoices so can compare prices.

Step 3: The manufacturer calculates your shipping costs and gives you a bill for payment.

Step 4: After reviewing the bill, you may pay a 50% deposit to start placing your purchase.

Step 5: Depending on the number of sales, Jen Haar will then make the orders in 7–14 days.

These are the reviews for Jen Hair Company. Hope that all the information is useful for you. If you want to read more reviews about other hair companies, please visit our website at Hair24hours.

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