Ivirgo Hair Vendor Review: A Trustworthy Vendor To Buy Or Not?

For those who have been in the hair industry for a while, Ivirgo Hair Vietnam is not a strange name. However, those who are new to the industry must learn about and research numerous trustworthy suppliers in Vietnam. Online, there are a lot of reviews available, but what other ones are trustworthy? The article that accompanies may provide you with a detached point of view from an individual who bought from Ivirgo Hair.

Ivirgo Hair Vendor Review: A Trustworthy Vendor To Buy Or Not?

1. Ivirgo Hair vendor review: Overview of Ivirgo Hair

Apart from the Chinese hair factory, the Indian hair factory or the Burmese hair factory, the Vietnamese hair factory would be a reliable place for anyone to start the hair business. Among many hair factories in Vietnam, today we want to share reviews about Ivirgo Hair vendor.

You must be familiar with the seller you intend to use before reading the evaluation in order to avoid fraud.

  • Ivirgo Hair vendor review: A short description

Ivirgo Hair is based in Vietnam. The company is a major supplier of pure, untreated hair from Vietnamese and Cambodian people to other countries throughout the world. Due to their numerous years of experience in the hair industry, they have a thorough understanding of the distinctive client requirements in each country.

  • Ivirgo Hair’s warehouse and the primary market it exports

Ivirgo’s headquarters and distribution center are in Hanoi, Vietnam. Address: Cau Giay, Dich Vong Hau, 87 Tran Thai Tong Street, Floor 7, AP Building. You are invited to go there whenever it is open because the staff is accessible 24/7.

Ivirgo Hair’s warehouse and the primary market it exports

Ivirgo Hair specializes in delivering 100% genuine hair that has been cut straight from a woman without any processing or chemical additions in bulk and weft form. They as a result have a large following of devoted clients in a number of foreign nations, including but not limited to Brazil, Thailand, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States. Their company is working with just a growing number of clients on a global scale. They guarantee that you won’t be unhappy if you pick Ivirgo hair!

2. Ivirgo Hair vendor review: Hair of Ivirgo Hair

We are constantly concerned about the hair’s quality when making purchases. However, we shouldn’t worry because Ivirgo Hair dependably delivers the best things.

2.1. Ivirgo Hair vendor review: Appearance of hair from Ivirgo Hair 

The product can produce a wide variety of distinctive and contemporary hairstyles due to the superior hair supply. According to the needs of the client, there are several varieties of curls, including huge curls, little curls, loose curls, etc.

Ivirgo Hair vendor review: Appearance of hair from Ivirgo Hair

In addition to naturally straight hair, straight hair may also be pressed straight. The compounds in the hair will help the hair keep its fullness and strength since the hair is robust. Because trained artisans are precise and attentive, hair may be colored in a variety of sophisticated hues.

2.2. Ivirgo Hair vendor review: The quality and longevity of hair from Ivirgo Hair

Because so many customers buy hair from Ivirgo Hair and are pleased with their purchases, there is no question regarding the quality of the product. The hair quality and cost are what keep many clients coming back. This much is clear because Vietnamese hair is known for being strong, lustrous, and free of knots and animal hair.

Unlike many products from Chinese hair factory, hair from Vietnamese factories, in general, are long-lasting. The lifetime of the hair is exceptionally lengthy. Roughly two years with the proper care and professional direction. Durability is essential for folks who are on a tight budget but still want shiny, bouncy hair.

Ivirgo Hair vendor review: The quality and longevity of hair from Ivirgo Hair

3. Ivirgo Hair vendor review: Service of Ivirgo Hair

Have you yet reached your own judgment? If so, drop by to check out Ivirgo Hair’s shipping and payment options.

  • Shipping of Ivirgo Hair

Ivirgo Hair sends to customers’ homes via an intermediary, such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc., as many other businesses do. Although it could take some time for customers in Africa to get their products, it is guaranteed that they will arrive unharmed and still include virgin hair.

The amount of hair you buy will affect the delivery fee. The price of shipping goes up if you purchase more things, but you’ll spend less money overall. Such is commonplace when shopping internationally.

Ivirgo Hair vendor review: Service of Ivirgo Hair
  • Payment for Ivirgo  Hair

Customers from other countries have a variety of payment alternatives at their disposal. Moneygram, PayPal, etc. Anywhere in the world can send money. However, it takes Ivirgo Hair 1-2 days to acknowledge receiving the payment.

If you are having trouble making a payment, don’t be concerned; the marketing team will help you in any way they can and safeguard the privacy of your information. However, you should proceed with the utmost caution because internet fraud is a possibility. Constantly urging you to send money as quickly as possible is one of the telltale signs of a scam. Be cautious.

Hopefully, you can gain an insight into Ivirgo Hair after reading this article. To read more reviews, please visit our website at Hair24hours.

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