How much do hair extensions cost

 How much do hair extensions cost

Hair extensions are a beauty item with great benefits. In the 20th century, it has become one of the fastest developed markets in the world. Read our post to find the information about hair extensions’ prices that you need to know in order to be a wise buyer.

Please note that the hair extensions cost below is based on the number that we’ve gathered at the time of research, it can change over time, and some hair extensions’ hairstyles may cost more than what we will indicate below (All the numbers are average numbers).

I. Hair extensions cost in different country

Hair extensions are used to add volume and length to your original hair and also to change hairstyles without having to use chemicals to your hair. They are favored by celebrities and people with thin, short or no hair; or somebody who wants to change their hair looks. Whether the reason for you to choose hair extensions is, before buying hair extensions, it is important to know the price in order to be a smart hair extensions buyer. 

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The best quality extensions are taken from donors that live in Asian countries including India, China, and Vietnam. Today, let’s discuss the characteristics and how much do hair extensions cost in each country.

Hair extensions cost in India

Indian is one of the biggest hair extensions markets in the world, people’s demands on Indian hair extensions are growing each year. The hair extensions cost in India is also why many people buy hair extensions from the country.

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Indian hair extensions characteristics

Here are some of the outstanding features of Indian hair extensions:

  • They come with many length and volume
  • They are easy to style
  • The colour is dark light and can mix well to hair with lighter tones
  • They are strong and healthy

With these advantages, Indian hair extensions are currently one of the most preferable hair extensions. However, the downside of Indian hair extensions is they can only last for 8 months. 

Hair extensions cost in India

Indian hair extensions cost is classed as one of the most expensive as the production of hair extensions is more complicated; however, the quality of Indian hair isn’t quite compatible with its hair extensions cost. In quality, Vietnamese hair has better quality but with cheaper hair extensions cost. 

The min hair extension cost in India is Rs 1400 a piece (Rs = Indian Rupee) equal to approximately 19 USD. 

The max hair extensions cost in India is Rs 2900 a piece equal to approximately 38 USD.

Hair extensions cost in China

Just like India, China is also one of the largest hair extensions distributors in the world as the population is high and the amount of hair donors is bigger than in other countries.

Chinese hair extensions characteristics

As the amount of hair collected from Chinese women reaches an incredible number each year, hair extensions factories in China are usually much bigger than in other countries. Here are some of the characteristics that Chinese hair extensions have:

  • They are diverse in length
  • They can mix with your original hair well
  • They are easy to dye and bleach
  • They can last long

However, due to the large amount of hair, the quality of Chinese hair extensions is unguaranteed. Finding good quality Chinese hair extensions requires you to invest your time and effort. There are many scandals that relate to China hair factories saying that all the hair is from unknown donors and is highly processed to look high quality. So, remember to be careful when buying Chinese hair extensions.

Chinese hair

Hair extensions cost in China

Chinese hair extensions are varied in hair extensions cost. The minimum hair extensions cost in China is only from 1 USD a piece, and the maximum hair extensions cost is approximately 40 USD a piece, depending on the quality of the hair extensions. 

Hair extensions cost in Vietnam

Vietnam doesn’t mass produce hair like India or China, all the hair factories are examined carefully to meet the quality standard of the government. The hair donors have to go to a strict test to see if their hair is qualified for donation. Vietnamese hair extensions are usually taken from Vietnamese women that live in mountainous areas, where the atmosphere is clean and pure, their daily diet is healthy and they never use any kind of chemical in their hair. That is why Vietnamese hair extensions are classed as one of the highest quality hair extensions in the world, but with amazing hair extensions cost.  

Vietnamese hair extensions characteristics

Here are some famous characteristics of Vietnamese hair extensions:

  • They are diverse in volume and length
  • They are healthy, thick, shiny and smooth
  • They are easy to care 
  • They can last longer than Indian, Cambodian and Chinese hair extensions
  • Style them will come out with amazing results without damaging
  • They mix well with your original hair

These characteristics have made high quality Vietnamese Human Hair the most hunted after hair extensions in the world. However, buying Vietnamese hair extensions requires you to be patient, as the quality and the demand are high, the source is quite rare.

Vietnamese hair

Hair extensions cost in Vietnam

The exceptional quality of Vietnamese hair extensions actually comes with a very good hair extensions cost, unlike India. The min hair extensions cost in Vietnam is about 10 USD a piece and the maximum price is approximately 30$ a piece. 

II. Hair extensions cost in different types of hair extensions

Now you have known the hair extensions cost of each country, the next thing to discover is the hair extensions cost of particular types of hair extensions in order to buy hair extensions for the best result.

Hair extensions cost in virgin, raw, remy or non-remy hair extensions

Hair extensions cost is higher or lower depending on the quality of hair extensions.

  • Virgin and Raw hair extensions: Virgin and Raw hair extensions are the two highest quality types of hair extensions. Virgin and Raw hair extensions are taken from one donor and they are 100% unprocessed hair, which means the hair are in their best quality with 100% aligned culticles. The Virgin and Raw hair extensions costs are the most expensive ones. 
  • Remy hair extensions: Remy hair extensions are hair that is taken from a group of qualified hair donors. They are 90-100% unprocessed hair, the quality of remy hair is sometimes equal to virgin and raw hair extensions, but with so much affordable hair extensions cost.
  • Non-remy hair extensions: Non-remy hair extensions are hair that is taken from multiple unknown donors, they are highly processed to remove any dirty substances in the hair, that is why non-remy hair has low quality and can’t last long. The non-remy hair extensions cost is very cheap

In all types of hair extensions, remy hair extensions are the most popular type as the number of buyers is the highest.

Hair extensions cost depends on application methods

There are many ways to apply hair extensions, you can use tapes, clips, glue in, cap wigs, etc. Today, we will present to you the average price of a full hair extensions kit (means the whole kit to apply for a full hair look)

  • Tape-in hair extensions cost: approximately $200 – $400 
  • Clip-in hair extensions cost: $100 – $400
  • Glue-in hair extensions cost: $300 – $500
  • Sew-in hair extensions cost: $300
  • Fusion hair extensions cost: $200 – $900
  • Bonded hair extensions cost: $1200 – $3000
  • Micro-bead hair extensions costs: $300
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We hope that our post has equipped you with everything you need for better purchases of hair extensions in the future. Please share with us your opinions below. Read more posts on The best Beauty Magazine – hair24hours.

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