Chinese Hair Factory Reviews: Is It Worth Buying?

Although Vietnamese hair products have been well known for their high quality, Chinese hair factories are very famous for their low prices and large numbers. Because the hair business is so widespread in Africa, merchants have a high demand for hair producers. Continue reading to get real information about the Chinese hair factory reviews.

Chinese Hair Factory Reviews: Is It Worth Buying?

1. Chinese hair factory reviews: Overview of Chinese hair factory

A skilled Chinese hairdresser may well be able to manage enormous orders.

  • Chinese hair factory reviews: The large scale of production in China

Chinese hair producers, unlike some enterprises in Vietnam and India, usually utilize cutting-edge technology to generate hair bundles. As an option, China is home to numerous hair merchants that employ a large number of people. As a result, Chinese hair manufacturers are constantly well-stocked and capable of producing a significant number of strands at once.

  • Chinese hair factory reviews: Where do Chinese factories collect the hair?

Because Chinese hair producers must blend hair textures from India and Cambodia (which are not 100% pure hair donors) in order to generate a substantial volume of hair, the consequence is reduced price when compared to other nations such as Vietnam.

Chinese hair factory reviews: Where do Chinese factories collect the hair?

2. Chinese hair factory reviews: Is it worth buying hair from a Chinese hair factory?

Before buying hair from a Chinese hair factory, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of hair from this country. 

2.1. Chinese hair factory reviews: Advantages of hair from a Chinese hair factory

These are Chinese hair salons’ primary competitive advantages.

  • A low price

The origin of Chinese hair firms’ Remy and Non-Remy hair, the majority of which is generated through hair loss, cannot be proven. Similar issues may be encountered with wholesale hair suppliers from India, but Vietnamese manufacturers’ hair is free of these issues since they utilize 100% hair from a deceased donor that is immune to tangling and shedding.

  • Always keep a supply on hand

Because the Chinese hair factory is incredibly industrial, hundreds of employees work in a single place. Hair is always available and may be sent to customers as soon as possible. However, the hair gets stale and is prone to mold formation as a result.

Chinese hair factory reviews: Advantages of hair from a Chinese hair factory
  • Flexible to make many hairstyles

Because of the extensive use of heat and chemicals, Chinese hair extensions may be made utilizing a variety of styling processes. Chinese hair is attractive since there are so many different styles available, but it is also more susceptible to frizz or knots owing to over-bleaching.

2.2. Chinese hair factory reviews: Disadvantages of hair from a Chinese hair factory

Despite all of the aforementioned benefits, Chinese Hair Factory continues to have some noticeable drawbacks.

  • Being readily tangled and shedding

Because Chinese hair companies sell Remy and Non-Remy hair, the majority of which is derived through hair loss, determining the hair’s origin is impossible. Hair from Vietnamese producers, on the other hand, does not suffer from this problem because they only give 100% single source hair that is not easily tangled or shed. Similar issues exist when dealing with Indian wholesale hair vendors.

  • Excessive use of chemicals

Chinese hair producers employ a lot of ingredients to make their hair appear lustrous in order to give a broad choice of shades and designs to clients. Furthermore, because it is constantly available, Chinese hair companies would utilize products that make the hair less dry. However, after a few applications, clients’ hair would get dry and matted. Vietnamese manufacturing employees are not affected by this issue since they appreciate natural labor.

Chinese hair factory reviews: Disadvantages of hair from a Chinese hair factory
  • Short lifespan

Hair acquired from Chinese wholesale hair dealers is often only useable for 3-6 months before it became dry, knotted, and lost. Vietnamese hair durability is significantly longer than Chinese factory retail hair endurance (2–5 years).

3. Chinese hair factory reviews: Recommend the top 3 Chinese hair factories.

If you are very familiar with many Vietnamese hair factories like K – Hair Vietnam, 5S Hair, or Layla Hair vendor review, you can think of Chinese hair factories. Here are 3 hair manufacturers in China that we recommend for you.

  • Chinese hair factory reviews: Ted Hair Factory

Ted Hair Factory, which was founded in 2009, has quickly developed to emerge as one of the’s biggest hair producers, providing the impression that it provides dependable service. Distributors, salon operators, wholesalers, and internet store owners commonly collaborate on a worldwide scale.

Numerous goods are commonly accessible.  Ted Hair Factory has locations in both China and the United States. Customers and industry experts identify it as being one of China’s major employers.

Chinese hair factory reviews: Ted Hair Factory
  • Chinese hair factory reviews: Kabeilu hair factory

For 11 years, Guangzhou Kbeilu Hair Factory, one of China’s largest hair producers, has provided higher hair. The Kabeilu Hair Factory has a stellar reputation in the beauty business. Their main product is Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian, and Malaysian hair weave. More than 200 sales representatives and 600 other employees work for the company, which annually manufactures over 3.6 million commodities and ships over 10,000 boxes by UPS, DHL, and FedEx.

  • Chinese hair factory reviews: Rebe hair

This Chinese hair company has over 10 years of expertise in the development and marketing of hair extensions. They are particularly proud of their elevated hair products, which are said to be 100% comprised of actual hair. They have always promised themselves and their clientele that they will uphold this commitment.

We have provided you with a review of Chinese hair factories in this essay. Visit our website at Hair24hours to learn more about the many sorts of hair businesses.

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