Cambodian Hair Factory: Top 3 Cambodian Hair Factories

Is it widely accepted that Cambodian hair factories produce high-quality hair? But does it go well with your hair color? Should your company buy items from a Cambodian hair factory? Here’s the solution!

Cambodian Hair Factory: Top 3 Cambodian Hair Factories

1. Overview of a Cambodian hair factory

Apart from the Indian hair factory, the Chinese hair factory, the Cambodian hair factory is quite popular in recent years. Below is basic information about the Cambodian hair factory you need to know before purchasing.

1.1. The origin of hair from a Cambodian hair factory

Every company owner should understand how the Cambodian hair factory acquires its hair since it affects the pricing and quality of hair extensions. As a result, we’ll go into the background of the Cambodian hair factory in further detail below.

  • A Cambodian hair factory takes hair from impoverished women striving to make a decent living. Because of their condition, these donors frequently take excellent care of their hair and offer it to manufacturers for a very low price, not realizing the true market value.
  • However, because of the country’s small population and scarcity of donors, virgin Cambodian hair does not always appear to be accessible. Furthermore, as the country’s economy grows, fewer Cambodians want to donate their hair, posing issues for its hair producers.
The origin of hair from a Cambodian hair factory

As a result, if you’re thinking about purchasing from a Cambodian hair factory, you should carefully analyze a variety of factors and read customer evaluations. Your business may suffer as a result of the inconsistency of superior natural Cambodian hair, which has become increasingly difficult to obtain.

1.2. Classification of hair from a Cambodian hair factory

The Cambodian hair factory categorizes its products into two types: virgin hair and remy hair. In contrast to the Chinese hair factory or the Indian hair factory, the Cambodian hair factory does not sell remy hair. Because Cambodian hair makers aim to give the most fabulous hair possible, the hair condition from such vendors is often constant and outstanding.

  • The Cambodian hair factory only accepts virgin hair from a single donor, and it is never chemically treated. Virgin, raw hair is the greatest. This hair’s cuticles are undamaged and straight. Cambodian hair factory virgin hair is very strong, tangle-free, and silky. Cambodian virgin raw hair can be bleached or colored. However, the cost of this hair is exorbitant.
  • While the quality of the remy hair from the Cambodian hair factory will not be as high as that of virgin raw Cambodian hair, it is still a good option. Because it is made up of two to three separate donors, remy Cambodian hair cannot be as fine as virgin hair, but it is still smooth and suitable for use because the cuticles remain in place and point in the same direction.

1.3. The quality of the hair from a Cambodian hair factory

High-quality hair is produced at the Cambodian hair factory.

  • The cuticle is still intact and flowing in the same manner since the Cambodian hair factory hired women who maintain healthy lifestyles and regularly wash their hair with herbs. As a result, Cambodian hair is extraordinarily smooth and silky.
  • Since Cambodian women regularly use natural products to wash their hair, the hair there is typically in a respectable state.
  • Because Cambodians’ hair isn’t completely straight, it will be a touch coarse. Cambodian hair is ideal for people who desire curly styles since it is naturally wavy and curly.
1.2. Classification of hair from a Cambodian hair factory

In general, evaluations of Cambodian hair producers have acknowledged the outstanding quality and extensive usage of the hair obtained from these vendors. If you run a hair salon and need hair that can be colored, dyed, or curled, a Cambodian hair factory is an excellent solution.

2. A reliable Cambodian hair factory: Top 3 Cambodian hair factories

Here are the top 3 factories to consider while looking for the best Cambodian hair factory. These 3 suppliers provide high-quality Cambodian hair in a variety of styles.

  • Apsara Cambodian Hair – Top 1 Cambodian hair factory

Apsara is the most recognized Cambodian hair factory. Tape-in extensions and remy extensions are among the best raw extensions manufactured from Cambodian hair available from the brand. If you want the best hair, you must visit this Cambodian hair factory at least once.

Apsara Cambodian Hair – Top 1 Cambodian hair factory
  • Virgin Hair Cambodia – Top 2 Cambodian hair factory

Virgin Hair Cambodia, one of Cambodia’s leading hair producers, was recently established. The company provides a broad choice of the best Cambodian hair bundles at reasonable pricing.

  • Cambodian Hair Freak – Top 3 Cambodian hair factory

Cambodian Hair Freak is one of the top producers of Cambodian hair, with over five years of experience in manufacturing and selling the best raw Cambodian hair. As all of the hair used in Cambodian Hair Freak’s products is human hair, they are not only of great quality but also extremely inexpensive.

This article contains basic information on the Cambodian hair factory. We are certain that you will be able to make an educated decision regarding a Cambodian hair factory after reading this information. You may also crawl your website at Hair24hours for the most up-to-date information on the wholesale hair market.

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